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UTSA Libraries and Museums

When you support the UTSA Libraries and Museums, you provide resources available to ALL UTSA students. 

There are three programs with UTSA Libraries and Museums that your gift may support:

The Arturo Infante Almeida UTSA Art Collection Endowment:

Celebrates and honors UTSA’s champion of the Arts, Arturo Infante Almeida. Through his love and passion for the arts, his 20 years of service at UTSA, and the support of former UTSA President Ricardo Romo, Arturo helped to create and build one of the largest Chicano and LatinX art collections at an academic institution. Today, he continues to work with UTSA President and First Lady, Taylor and Peggy Eighmy, on advancing the arts at the university. Contributions to The Arturo Infante Almeida UTSA Art Collection Endowment are valuable in ensuring our university continues to celebrate our communities’ art and culture and makes it available to all.

The Diana Kennedy Culinary Archive and Mexican Cookbook Collection:

UTSA Libraries Special Collections now preserves and cares for Diana’s rare books library and archives. The archive contains Diana’s collection of eleven, 19th-century Mexican cookbooks and eight linear feet of personal papers documenting her life’s work, and a working library. Cookbooks by nature are heavily used and consulted throughout their lifetime, so it is not unusual that Diana’s 19th-century cookbooks require conservation work. Contributions will ensure her rare books are available for future generations of students, researchers, and chefs.

Photo Credit: Alejandro Mendoza, for Diana Kennedy Photo


Museum “Tex” Kits for Teachers:

The Tex Kit program provides hands-on artifact trunks and digital resources to area schools for classroom instruction. Contributions will help increase our impact on students all across Texas. Funds will be used to upgrade existing Tex kits, and also allow us to increase the number of kits available to educators around Texas. Since the Institute’s re-opening Tex Kits have been especially popular and in high demand. 

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