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Service Opportunities and Alternative Breaks
Roadrunners Serving the UTSA and San Antonio Community

Leadership and Volunteer Services provides multiple community service opportunities and Alternative Break Experiences.  

In 2022, Roadrunners provided 5,102 hours of services to more than 54 community partners in the San Antonio area. The alternative break trips over the last three years have focused on LGBTQIA+ advocacy, environmental justice and conservation, AIDS awareness and affordable housing, children with special needs, and restoration from the effects of hurricanes. 

Through generous gifts from previous Giving Day events, these experiences have been free to participating students. Donations from this year’s campaign will be used to continue providing these immersive experiences by funding meals, transportation, and housing costs for trip participants, as well as the cost of adding additional community service projects to expand our program. 

“I can’t think of a better way to live my life and feel its intensity than by helping others and connecting with individuals through acts of service.”  
– Diego Gomez Cordova 

Your support on UTSA Giving Day will support students who participate in the Alternative Break Program and community service efforts meet a community need, get a deeper understanding of a social issue, and leave UTSA with a better understanding of how to be a life-long active citizen in our greater communities. 

Celebrate 30 years of VOICES with a donation of $30 to service opportunities and alternative breaks!  

  • Students who come by the VOICES office to donate $5 on Giving Day will receive a unique donor sticker 
  • For every $30 the Services Opportunities and Alternative Breaks earns, a VOICES officer will get a pie in the face right outside the office on Giving Day. Photos will be posted on the VOICES Instagram. 

Service Opportunities and Alternative Breaks, Multicultural Events, and Wellbeing and Mental Health Initiatives programs are connected to two Giving Day 2023 challenges: 

  • Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students LT Robinson will cosplay a Disney Villain chosen by students if we reach a combined 75 total donors to these programs on the last day of class for Spring 2023. If we reach a combined 120 total donors to these programs, she will cosplay again with a surprise character during Roadrunner Days. 
  • If these programs reach a combined 60 individual donors, it will unlock an anonymous donation of $10,000 to the Birds Up for Barry fund, which supports Student Affairs programs, events and traditions.

Birds Up for Barry Challenge
$10,000 has been unlocked for the Birds Up for Barry fund thanks to 60 donors who supported Wellbeing and Mental Health Initiatives, Multicultural Events, or Service Opportunities and Alternative Breaks!
60 / 60 Donors
UTSA Giving Day Challenge: Dollars
Thanks to John Richardson and Jan Puckett, an additional $5,000 will be awarded to the UTSA Giving Day project that raises the most money during UTSA Giving Day. 2nd place will be awarded an additional $2,500. 3rd place will be awarded an additional $1,000.
Rank Prize Department Raised
1 $5,000 UTSA Athletics $68,399.10
2 $2,500 College of Sciences $52,001.11
3 $1,000 Carlos Alvarez College of Business $48,217.84
4 Klesse College of Engineering & Integrated Design $41,901.00
5 UTSA Libraries and Museums $21,502.69
UTSA Giving Day Challenge: Donors
Thanks to April Ancira '03, an additional $5,000 will be awarded to the UTSA Giving Day project that acquires the highest number of unique donors during UTSA Giving Day. 2nd place will be awarded an additional $2,500. 3rd place will be awarded an additional $1,000.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $5,000 Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band 489
2 $2,500 UTSA Athletics 452
3 $1,000 College of Liberal and Fine Arts 418
4 UTSA Libraries and Museums 223
5 University College 210
Student Program Challenge: Dollars
Prizes will be awarded to the student organizations that raise the most dollars during UTSA Giving Day 2023 will receive $500. 2nd and 3rd place will receive $250 each.
Rank Prize Programs Raised
1 $500 Whataburger Resource Room and Roadrunner Pantry $3,401.00
2 $250 Student Emergency Fund $2,680.00
3 $250 Mariachi Los Paisanos $2,550.00
4 First Generation & Transfer Student Support $2,153.00
5 Recovery Center $1,661.00
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